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I trained at Chiltern from an early teen and I remember rushing home from school every Wednesday to get ready for my favourite class of the week, Jazz. The thing that sets Chiltern aside from other typical dance schools in the UK is that you are welcomed into a family. I was taught with passion and given the knowledge/technique required to actually make Dance my career. I have Chiltern to thank for sending me to an excellent Dance College, London Studio Centre and for giving me the strength and the belief to do great things. I was challenged with great choreography and built up to tackle the industry. Also having great production shows at the Empire Theatre is another amazing bonus of training at Chiltern. You are given such an amazing experience and get to showcase all the hardwork over the year and have the time of your life on stage in a professional enviroment.
Returning to Chiltern as a guest teacher is really humbling for me. It is like returning home and its crazy to think that it has been 4 years since being a student there. When walking through the door to teach it feels like no time has passed. I reminise of the first time I was at Chiltern. Shy, unconfident but full of potential which my teachers nurtured and I see a reflection of that in some students. However, like me, it is great to have seen the current students all grow in to strong performers and see them grow in confidence and ability. I teach a lot in various Dance Schools but no school compares to Chiltern and that is not just because of my Chiltern roots, it is genuinly the best of the best. I love to share my knowledge of the industry at present and give the students professional level choreography which I know they are all capable of, even the young ones give it their all which is very impressive. All the students I have taught have had an outstanding work ethic and are star reflections of the incredible teachers/talent of Chiltern. Thank you for everything and I will always love coming back to teach. Chiltern has a very special place in my heart."
Adam Lyons. Professional Dancer.

It was such a pleasure to come and teach the kids at Chiltern! All the children from the tiny's to the teens showed respect to me as a teacher, and had great focus and energy. I certainly put them through their paces but they stayed with me until the end. They showed performance and style and picked up so much from our short workshop. I hope I can have the pleasure of teaching them again!
James William Knight -Wicked Tour Cast Member, 2014"

Very enjoyable afternoon teaching America from West Side Story at Chiltern Dance School. The students relished in Jerome Robbins choreography and were a pleasure to teach! A lively bunch of inquisitive young talent!"
Rachel Ensor - West Side Story Cast Member 2014 National Tour.

Had a great time teaching at Chiltern today the students were focused and hardworking. I focused on contemporary Jazz, I taught them the same exercises that I teach students at professional vocational colleges such as Bodywork, London Studio Centre and Urdang. The students really put their all in to it. They were a pleasure to teach and I look forward to coming in again.
Ryan-Lee Seager
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